Surf Camp adults Corrubedo

A week of surf with our experienced coach including videoanalysis
Summer 2022

From 488€

Surf Camp adults Corrubedo

Summer 2022

From 488€

Disconnect and surf in authentic Galicia

Travel with a small group of surfers to a key destination in the Rías Baixas.
Improve your surfing skills with the help of our experienced monitors and fall in love with the most beautiful sunsets of Galicia. Walking along the most precious hiking trails, surfing spots less crowded, waves guaranteed year round. Would you like to discover authentic Galicia with us?


CAMP 1 – sunday 26th of june until friday 1st of july (juniors only)
CAMP 2 – From sunday 3rd of july until friday 8th of july
CAMP 3 – From sunday 10th of july until friday 15th of july
CAMP 4 – From sunday 17th of july until 22nd of july

Daily surf sessions. Best spots.
Transfers to the best spots in the area.

Analysis of your technique
Daily feedback regarding your skills.

Stay in Hostal Balieiros.
Right next to the ocean, close to the town of Corrubedo.
Double or triple bedrooms with private bathroom.
Large terras and chill out with bar and multiple services.

Guided visits
Hiking trail las Dunas de Corrubedo and its lagoon.
Castros de Baroña.
Lonja de Ribeira.
Santiago de Compostela (optional).


Surf in an environment you've never experienced before.

Corrubedo is known for the dune that lies within Parque Natrual de Corrubedo and tends to ‘move’ itself. We assure you besides that, you can surf all year; witness the most magical sunsets and be able to wander this beautiful national park.

Travel with a small group, with a maximum of 14 persons. This way our monitors will give you all the attention you need.

Improve your technique: daily video anaysis and feedback coach

Halfboard stay in Hostal Balieros, situated next to the beach of Balieiros and Corrubedo lighthouse. Beachview rooms.

Transfers to the best spots in the area.

viaje de surf a Ribeira

Surf spots

Variety of peaks, good accesibility, less crowded.

The hotel is located near surfspot Balieiros, with waves provided by sand banks. This spot has a high consistancy of waves in a magnificent setting.
The Corrubedo lighthouse is located at walking distance, impressive views assured.

This spot works best at low tide to mid tide. With a bit of swell coming in from east northeast, which tend to be regular swell conditions in this area.  A variety of peaks over the length of the beach. Surf all year around although we consider sping / autumn to be the best seasons.
In case of spring tide there are plenty of other options to surf in the same zone.

A large beach, nearly 1.5 kms where you will encounter various peaks. Because of its lengts, Sérans could be the spot where you will find yourself a sole surfer.

Works fine with just a little bit of swell. Spot is protected against wind coming in from northeast. Ideal for beginners and known as a longboard spot.

Castro de Baroña
This beach is known for the well preserved ´castros de celta´ which we consider to be a must see.
Sand banks and well protected against  northern winds.
Needs medium swell – north northeast to work.
This nudist beach offers various goog quality lefts and rights. Not crowded.
Works at low tide – mid tide.

Playas de Ladeira and El Vilar
Located 15 minutes from Balieiros, Ladeira is considered the best protected beach of this area. The beach provides good quality of waves for beginners, except for days with extremely big swell. If this is the case this spot converts itself to one for all kinds of levels.
Well protected from winds. Waves at any kind of tide.

In the middle of this beach you will find surfspot Vilar. Also functions with any kind of swell, most certainly with medium swell coming in from east direction. When it’s soils are in position you will experience long waves. This spot is highly visited an therfore very crowded during high season; take notice of a large population of turists and swimmers. The boardwalk which takes you all the way to las Dunas de Corrubedo is also very popular during summertime.

Furnas and Río Sieira
Beach breacks very consistent. A spot well known and popular amongst the spanish. Works with any kind of swell, except for spring tide.

Río Sieira up north is located well protected aganist northern winds. Good quality of water, waves and magnificent views from the water towards the landscape.

The beach of As Furnas is also known for the movie ‘Mar Adentro’ and the popular series ‘Fariña’ – where the set took place.

surf en ribeira

Do you want to discover authentic Galiciawith us?

Travel with us and explore new territories. Enjoy the best waves in our company. Improve your surfing skills. Discover new places, it's cultures and habits and enjoy local food. Connect yourself with nature again.

Hostal Balieiros

In the fishermen's town of Corrubedo with beachview.

surf en balieiros


We take care of everything

  • Arrival
  • Check-in
  • Reception and presentation.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Surfsession and recording.
  • Lunch – not included.
  • Visit to Corrubedo
  • First session of evaluation.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Second surfsession and recording.
  • Lunch – not included.
  • Free surfing or visit to Santiago de Compostela (optional)
  • Second session of evaluation.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Third surfsession and recording.
  • Lunch – not included.
  • Guided visit ‘Dunas de Corrubedo’.
  • Fourth session of evaluation.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Fifth surfsession and recording.
  • Lunch – not included.
  • Visit to Castro de Baroña.
  • Fifth session of evaluation.
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Supervised surf.
  • Lunch – not included.
  • End of trip.


Activities and guided tours.

Transport from airport or trainstation (pick up and drop off)

from 15€



Are your ready for an adventurous trip?

Summer 2022

From 488€

Surfcamp Corrubedo

From 488€