Surftrip Maldives

A trip to paradise

From 865€

Surftrip Maldives

Summer 2022

From 865€

A special destination with fenomenal waves

Surfing perfect waves in warm turquoise waters in between virgin islands. Stay in a local hostel with all the services you need.


28th of august until 3rd of september
28th of august until 10th of september
4th until 10th of september

Surfguiding every day
2 daily transfers by boat to the best spots

Analysis of your technique
Daily sessions of videocorrection with a Prado coach

Your stay at Hotel Jailbreak Surf Inn
Island run by locals with all the services you need and good accesibility to nearby spot.
Double or triple standard rooms, airconditioning, full board stay

Transfers included
From Male airport to hotel


The experience of a memorable journey

The Maldives are known for a similar surfseason as for instance Indonesia, which depends on the monsoon.

The best months to surf would be when the monsoon kicks in from the southwest mid february to november, when the best waves of the Indian Ocean are being formed by low pressure areas during winterseason. March and april would be the best months to surf due to their fairly good climate conditions. But is in between march and october when the best waves arrive with the biggest swell in july and august. During these months, an offshore wind dominates the islands accompanied by 2 to 8ft waves.

The first half of this season we consider the weather conditions stable, with long days and wind in favor. The swell becomes better and more consistent in altitude from february onwards: with march april and considered to have good surfing conditions.

September and october are quite consistent as well regarding waves, variable winds with every now and then tropical storms passing. We recommend to bring all of you equipment yourselves; there are not many shops specialized in surfequipment.

It’s not necessary to use a wetsuit, but we do recommend however the use of an old t – shirt or lycra to evoid sunburn. We also recommend to use surfboots when surfing reef areas.

The best waves are to be found where the islands are inhabited by locals. Islands where locals are it’s inhabitants and not just built with resorts.

viaje de surf a maldivas

The Maldives: surfers' paradise

Travel with us to this tropical destination.
Enjoy this memorable trip, improve your surfing skills and enjoy local gastronomy. Connect yourself with nature again.

Jail break surf inn

Your stay in one of the atolls of Male based on fullboard


We take care of everything

  • Arrival
  • Pick up at airport by local guide.
  • Transfer by boat to hotel.
  • Lunch.
  • Surf
  • Dinner and videoanalysis
  • Breakfast.
  • The search for waves with local guide and Prado Surf coach.
  • Lunch.
  • Second session of surf, visit to Male or snorkeling with manta rays and sharks. Guided trip depends on wave conditions; surfing first.
  • Dinner.
  • Video analysis of your session and leisure.

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer by boat in the search of the best spot, organised by local guide and Prado coach.
  • Lunch and transfer to airport Male.


Activities and guided tours.

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Surfboard rental



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From 865€

Surftrip Maldives

From 865€