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Over 10 years of experience organizing schooltrips. All activities included are 100% safe and fun our team of monitors will make sure they treat in a personal manner regardless age

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Cancellation up to 10 days before arrival

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White Weeks. Snow

A great way to break the routine in the winter season, to bring life to something that seems particularly difficult to make it real, the white week gives students the opportunity to take on new challenges, explore a different environment, get to know each other and interact in a healthy environment of sport in the middle of nature. Organize trips to the ski and snowboarding of your school with us and we will take care of everything. Trips with monitors 24 hours a day and all included

Blue Weeks

Galicia has the ideal conditions for carrying out water sports in a safe way. This happens thanks to the quality and activity of its waters as well as the protection offered by its estuaries. These trips promote coexistence and autonomy in a different environment. All trips have monitors specialized in water activities available 24 hours a day.

North Iberian Peninsula

The green vegetation and the abrupt orography make the north of the Peninsula an ideal place to practice all kinds of sports in nature and, in turn, enjoy a unique natural environment. A getaway of this type with classmates and classmates will enhance camaraderie and respect and appreciation for the environment. Trips with monitors 24 hours included

Big cities

Europe has some of the most historic cities in the world. Get to know all the Cultural Heritage of the continent through its main cities. Flights and monitors 24 hours included.

Language immersion

The importance of being able to communicate in other languages ​​is increasingly plausible. A language immersion trip will help to improve linguistic fluency, to develop as autonomous people in a foreign-speaking country and to live a whole traveling experience with classmates from school.


Nature, sports, fauna… on the islands there are many endemic species to discover, everything works at a different pace. Immersing yourself in an archipelago is the closest thing to stepping on paradise, with the company of the school students it is an adventure that deserves to be lived

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