Trip to the center of Portugal
July 24 to 30


July 24 to 30

Boas waves in the center of Portugal

In the Atlantic Ocean even in the summer months there are good waves for surfing.
Immerse yourself in the Portuguese culture accompanied by consistent Atlantic waves.
Enjoy the best waves and enjoy our company. Improve your surfing skills. Connect yourself with nature again.


Surf guiding everyday + activities
Transfers to the best spots around Aveiro with a local guide.

Analysis of your technique
Feedback sessions with Prado coach

Surfhouse accommodation

It has double and shared rooms with bathroom. All inclusive.
Located in a town near Aveiro

Transfers included
If a transfer is necessary from the Aveiro train station to the camp, it is included.


The surfing tradition, 70 km south of Porto

When visiting Aveiro we discover a landscape marked by water. One of the destinations in Europe with the longest tradition of surfing. Next to the sea and the estuary, a network of canals through which the moliceiros boats pass through the city. This makes it recognized as “the Portuguese Venice”, for its canals and beauty.

It is full of traditional cafes ideal for having a typical Portuguese sweet such as the “ovos moles” emblem of the city made with eggs and sugar, sold in wooden barrels or wrapped in a wafer crust. Before the sweet we can comfort the stomach with the delicacies that the sea offers, such as shellfish or fish, the eels so typical of this region. And it is that Aveiro has a lot to offer to every surfer who wants to get close to its explosive Atlantic coasts.

And when we approach the coast of Aveiro, Costa Nova, we find that it stands out especially for its color, which is due to the row of little houses “Palheiros” (summer houses) that are located on the coastline of the beach.

Video: Jet Galicia
More information about Costa Nova: Surfmarket

Surf spots

Consistent waves and good weather

Costa Nova is located in the north of Portugal, it is one of the best surfing beaches in Portugal.

It has perfect peaks and waves that open both left and right. They are waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, therefore they are strong and have hollow sections ideal for tubing.

Another outstanding spot on the north coast of Portugal is Playa de Barra with consistent waves that are created along the entire beach with different peaks.

Surf Trips Prado Tours

Travel with us and explore new territories. Enjoy the best waves and enjoy our company. Improve your surfing skills. Discover new places, it's cultures and habits and enjoy local food. Connect yourself with nature again.


all facilities


We take care of everything

  • Arrival
  • Pick up at the train station by camp staff.
  • Transfer to Dar Surf.
  • Lunch.
  • surfing session
  • Dinner.
  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to the beach, search for the best waves according to conditions.
  • Lunch.
  • Excursion, second surf session or rest at home.
  • Breakfast and transfer to the station.


Activities and guided tours.



Are your ready for an adventurous trip?

July 24 to 30


July 24 to 30

*Características del seguro de viaje:
· 100.000€ en asistencia sanitaria
· Robo y Daños al quipaje por 900€
· Repatriación ilimitada
· Gastos de cancelación hasta 1200€
· COVID19 Incluido ·
Convalecencia en hotel hasta 1000€
· Con cobertura de SURF

Caracteristics travel insurance
up tot 100.000 euros in case of hospitalization
Coverage theft and damage equipment up to 900 euros
Unlimited repatriation
Coverage up to 900 euros in case of cancelation
Coverage in case of COVID19
Coverage of hotel up to 1000 euros in case of mandatory quarantine
Including SURF accidents coverage